Baths! Ideally I’m looking for backside blistering warmth, half decent book and something alcoholic. This match report was 90% compiled whilst in said bath. In a week that included the Brexit proposals, a meeting to discuss a plan to improve the transition into open age rugby for academy players and the new outstanding Sir David Attenborough documentary; a bath certainly provided time for clarity of thought.

For example, is there a direct correlation between the removal of the communal changing room bath and decline of social rugby? I concluded not. Although, it certainly developed character in any young player who had to endure a bath with a full time bricklayer and part time rugby player who’s enjoying a post-game fag, can of larger and a shave! Made you question the relevance of lathering with lynx Africa and your decision to give up your Saturday to play rugby.

I digress…….

On a day when the Falcon’s returned to Lockwood; the clear mission was to return to winning ways. The team included one mid-day drop out due to a young man in his 20’s having to go bowling with his Mum and Dad. WTF. Also missing was skipper Irish, whose son Owen was providing a guard of honour to the 1st team with his mates. Unlike Brexit, the falcons had no issue with our Northern Irish backstop arrangements and Scrimshaw stepped up to lead the team without any threats of resignation from the rest of the lads.

An uncertain start led to Huddersfield conceding an early score, however the team then settled and was able to build momentum. That pressure then led to Rhodes touching down and then Bodsworth crashed over twice. John Sedgewick then scored a wonderful try that seemed to bamboozle the opposition who inexplicably parted to allow John to cross the line untouched. Was it divine intervention and Moses esq? or is John Sedgewick secretly a jedi master? Who cares what a great try from a lad who gets better each week.    

Huddersfield dominated proceeding for the rest of the half and were much the better team.  The Engineers’ emerged after half time with a spirited 20 min performance. Perhaps there was some complex calculus undertaken to analyse the opposition? Who knows? But they were much improved and managed another score. Huddersfield then ringed the changes given they had a strong squad out. Freer came on and played well, along with the ever good value Steve Parry who made some strong runs. Tom Hirst came on for his senior debut and Andre Baillon increased the average age significantly but performed admirably.    

Finally my goodself Tony “Looks like he is carrying few pounds” Stringwell entered the fold with 10 mins to go. Having been absent for the last 4 weeks. I expected the odd bit of slipper from one of the lads at the bottom of a ruck. Not from these lads. But anyone who’s seen the earlier referenced BBC1 Dynasties documentary would have perhaps confused the 10 min cameo with David’s wounded return to the gang. 10 minutes of throwing the odd cheap shot whilst trying to look domineering in attempt to return to Alpha status enfolded, in this case unsuccessfully.

At the final whistle Huddersfield ran out 36-14 winners despite picking up a couple of yellow cards. With Bodsworth capping a great display with a hatrick and TVR finishing well in the corner.
Again the Falcons included some familiar names from the Huddersfield rugby family. It’s great to see Josh Walker and James Bodsworth both starting. Having not seen Bodsy for what must be 8 years, his appearance and performance was no longer that of developing player but an imposing seasoned second row. Some might say that he looked like a GI appearing from the Vietnamese jungle 3 years after the war! But when he plays like that who cares.

After the game Gav Rhodes the Falcons leader and principle secretary of the Barnsley kestrel appreciation society had the following to say “ I woh pleased wi lads performance today. They got rate stuck in from off. No messin abart. Proper performance woh that. I woh pleased to get over for a meat pie mesen. I’ve been workin on me finishing and after watching Kestrals fly. I’ve realised best thing to do is swop 2 foot of ground straight on ta meat.  Just like our kes.”        

With seven former academy lads starting and some young academy alumni joining them in the second half, we have great bunch of lads at this club. With Gav Rhodes driving them on the futures bright.

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