As members and parent of players in HRUFC Age Grade teams you must follow the Parents’ Club’s Code of Conduct and encourage your child to abide by the Players’ Code.

Parents & Guardians Code of Conduct:

  • Stay positive, it’s just a game
  • Bring your child to training and playing on time and with the right kit
  • Ensure there is a parent/ guardian responsible for your child before, during and after any activities (home or away)
  • Respect every match official at all times
  • Never enter the field of play during a match without permission from a match official
  • Support and applaud good play from both teams
  • Never use offensive language or yell instructions
  • Don’t shout instructions, or criticise coaches
  • Never force your child to play rugby
  • Dignity in victory, magnanimity in defeat
  • Adhere to the core values of Rugby:  Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship
  • Reject cheating discrimination, bullying and violence in all its forms
  • Always remember children are playing rugby for fun
  • Ensure children respect the club facilities (e.g. don’t enter anywhere other than the changing rooms in boots or with muddy children)
  • Enjoy yourself and the rugby your child is playing win lose or draw
  • Find the positive, rugby is about the team not just one child
  • Remember when you were young, when encouragement was so important
  • Support the half game rule
  • Be familiar with the coaching and training programme to ensure that your child is fully involved and the coaches are aware of their availability
  • Where appropriate, assist coaches with the supervision of young players, particularly for away games.
  • Support the Club in its duty of care to all players
  • Be involved with club activities and share your expertise
  • Share concerns with Club officials
  • Be familiar with the ‘Good Coaches’ Guide’. In particular:
  • Coaches should recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching young players
  • Coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective, encouraging young players to behave with dignity in all circumstances.

Reviewed and Revised August 2020