Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club Ltd and Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club both observe the same Codes of Players and Parents Conduct.  For the purposes of simplicity only, where you see HRUFC in this Policy both organisations are implied and acknowledge their responsibilities, both jointly and severally,

The RFU positively encourages parents and spectators to take photographs of participants involved in rugby union to celebrate the ethos and spirit of the sport.

However, there may be circumstances where taking a photograph of a child might not be acceptable. Any photograph (digital or printed) which is produced and released into the public domain may be misused by anyone. Once this has been done, control has been lost. Today, it is so easy to upload or email a photograph within seconds of it being taken, we have a responsibility to consider the issue of control.

Parents may have many reasons for not wishing their child(ren) to be filmed or photographed. Some children are also sensitive about being photographed, and this has to be respected.

In this policy, photography includes still shots, video, live media streaming and any other form of taking images of children.

HRUFC will:

  • Ensure that photographic consent is obtained from all parents / guardians / carers at the start of each season for the use of photographs in promotional activity, press releases and social media postings etc.
  • Ensure that, where there are restrictions on photographing a particular child, the club will inform the Club Safeguarding Officer and the relevant coaches. Guidance and advice will also be given to the parents of the child, and the parents will be involved in discussions about communicating the requirements.
  • Ensure any official photographers appointed to events are appropriately vetted, and have necessary checks carried out.
  • NEVER identify individual children by name in promotional images or the Club’s Social Media accounts.
  • Where the club is alerted to an image in the public domain (posted by a third party or another parent) we will take reasonable steps to request the image is removed / deleted.
  • Ensure that all parents and carers are aware of their responsibilities when taking photographs.

Age group coaches/ photographers will:

  • Ensure that photographs are of the team, and the team activity rather than focusing on one individual child.
  • Ensure personal information which can lead to a child being identified should never be used. If it is necessary to name a child, ensure there is written parental consent and you have informed the parents as to how the image will be used. This is particularly important when issuing press releases and match reports.
  • Comply with the Club policy when putting images into the public domain (website, social media etc).

Parents will:

  • Adhere to any instructions given by coaches in terms of photography restrictions.
  • Parents are welcome to photograph their own children and use the images how they please. If posting to social media (or making public in any other way) please ensure other people’s children are not identified in any text describing the image. It is preferable to crop the image and remove other children or use an alternative shot.
  • Please do not use facilities which LIVE STREAM activities. This puts images / video into the public arena with little or no control over which children are pictured.
  • Respect the wishes of children who may not wish to be photographed.
  • If asked to stop filming / photography, speak to a coach to seek further guidance.

Training Films / Videos

  • Are to be taken purely for the purpose intended, and deleted when no longer required, or after 12 months whichever is the sooner.
  • Will be viewed only by the DBS cleared coaches.
  • Images / video must NOT be shared on any social media / public platform.

Festivals and Events

  • The organiser MUST ensure all clubs attending confirm they have obtained parental consent for photography of their players. Attending clubs will be made aware of MRUFC’s Photography Policy before the event.
  • Only appoint official photographers with the permission of the Mini and Junior Chairman (to ensure adequate checks are made).
  • Ensure the parents of any child with photography restrictions makes themselves known to the organisers and any official photographer.

Reviewed and Revised August 2020