Registered under the Community Benefits Societies Act 2014

The following Regulations (herein called “the Regulations” have been adopted by the Committee of Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club Limited ( herein called “the Committee” pursuant to Rule 4.12of the registered Rules of Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club Limited (herein called “ the Principal Rules”). The 4.12 Regulations are complementary to the Principal Rules and in any case of doubt or inconsistency the Principal Rules shall prevail.

The Regulations may be amended at any duly convened meeting of the Committee provided that at least seven days clear notice of any proposed amendment shall have been given to all members of the Committee or such notice is waived by a majority of at least 75% of the Members of the Committee present and voting at the meeting. 


1.1       The games played by other sections of the Club include Squash Rackets, Huddersfield Astronomical Society, Road Running, Huddersfield Borough Club and Bowls shall be played or performed in accordance with the laws of respective governing bodies to which those sections are affiliated or members of, but that none of the laws appertaining to those sections shall be adopted which will render the Club ineligible for membership of the Rugby Union.

1.2       The Club colours shall be White, Claret and Gold with alternatives or reserve colours to be determined as required by agreement of the General Committee.

1.3       Honorary Life Members, who shall not be liable to pay any subscriptions but shall be entitled to all the privileges of Membership.


 2.1       Members shall be divided into the following classes: –

  1. a) Patrons
  2. b) Playing Members
  3. c) Ordinary Members
  4. d) Temporary Members
  5. e) Honorary Life Members
  6. f) Honorary Members
  7. g) Family Members – (1 voting member)
  8. h) Junior Members (up to age 18 on 1st September and non-voting)

2.2       All officers and members of the General Committee shall be nominated by a member of the Club and seconded by another, with the exception of the Office of: President, Vice President, Honorary Life members and Honorary Members who shall be nominated by the Past Presidents of the Rugby Club. The Past Presidents formally meet each year to consider candidates recommended by the General Committee, or from within their own group.

2.3       Captains and Vice Captains of all the playing sections shall be selected by their respective members or sub-committee and submitted to the General Committee for endorsement.

2.4       Fully paid up members of the Club known as “Kirklees Active Leisure”, whose address is Lockwood Park, Huddersfield, shall be affiliated as social members of HRUFC Ltd., allowing those affiliated members the use of the premises between the hours of 11.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Sunday to include match day admission. Affiliated members do not have the right to hold any office of HRUFC Ltd., and are not entitled to attend meetings nor have a vote.

2.5       There shall not be at any time more than six Honorary Life Members and ten Honorary members, to be elected annually.

2.6       Any of the members wishing to avail themselves of the facilities of any other sports section of the club shall pay an additional subscription in accordance with the rules but so that the maximum number of members paying such additional subscriptions shall not exceed 150 persons per section.

2.7       The Chairman of rugby shall be elected annually by the Committee.


 3.1       The Management of the Club shall consist of: –

  1. a) The Chairman of the Club who shall be the Chairman of the Management Committee.
  2. b) The Vice Chairmen; President and the Vice President.
  3. c) The Honorary Treasurer of the Club.
  4. d) Two Members of the Football sub-committee who shall be nominated by that Committee.
  5. e) Three Members of the General Committee shall be nominated by that Committee.
  6. f) The Hon General Secretary of the Club shall take the minutes of the meetings of the Management Committee but shall not be a voting member of the Committee.

3.2       The Members of the Management Committee shall serve for 3 years with 1/3 of the members to retire each year. Those retiring members would be available for re-election if so nominated.

3.3       The Chairman and the Treasurer of the Club as elected at the Annual General Meeting will serve an annual term and retain their positions on the Management Committee if re-elected at the AGM

3.4       The General Committee shall consist of the following Chairmen of: the sub-Committees, who shall be elected at the respective section Annual General Meeting;

Property, Bar, Grounds, Rugby, Development, Squash, Huddersfield Astronomical Society, Road Runners, Age Grade Section and Huddersfield Borough Club

Together with: –

  1. a) President and Vice President of the Club
  2. b) Vice Chairmen
  3. c) Club Captain
  4. d) Members of the Management Committee
  5. e) Rugby Club Fixture and Match Secretaries
  6. f) Rugby Club Subscriptions Secretaries
  7. g) Rugby Club Yorkshire District Representatives

3.3       Any members of the Management Committee shall be ex-officio members of each sub-committee.


 4.1       No betting shall be allowed in the Club. No lottery shall be promoted by any member or officer on behalf of or in any way connected to the Club or with any entertainment of event held by or in connection with the Club without any previous authority of the General Committee. Gaming shall be permitted in the Club so as not to contravene any of the provisions of the Betting, Gambling and Lotteries Act 1963, or any statutory modifications thereof for the time being in force.

4.2       A Disciplinary Subcommittee, with the power to co-opt, will be appointed compromising of at least 3 of the following officers:

President                     Vice President

Chairman                    Vice Chairmen

Chairman of Rugby    Hon General Secretary

Safe Guarding Officer

4.3       The RFU has delegated powers to Huddersfield RUFC Ltd., to hold enquires and award punishment or take such action as it seen fit (subject to appeal) with respect to all cases of indiscipline, whatever the incident, by playing or non-playing members on Club premises or elsewhere. This authority is exercised by the Disciplinary Subcommittee under a Chairman.

4.4       The Disciplinary Subcommittee will act in accordance with the instructions on the Procedure and Conduct of Disciplinary Hearings as laid down in the current RFU handbook.

4.5       The Disciplinary Subcommittee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining high standards of discipline within the Club. This subcommittee has to take action within 48 hours of any infringement of Rule 5.11and has to report such action to the Club Hon General Secretary; and also, in the case of an Age Grade member to the Safe Guarding Officer. The Hon General Secretary will keep a record of all incidences.

4.6       The member concerned should be immediately informed, in writing, of the Disciplinary Subcommittee’s decisions and any proposed sanctions.

4.7       A written appeal against the Disciplinary Subcommittee’s decision should be sent to the Club Secretary within 7 days.

4.8       An Appeal Subcommittee of the General Committee will hear the evidence within 7 days of receiving a written notice of appeal. The member concerned has a right to be present and be heard. Verbal or written submissions, on his/her behalf may be presented.

4.9       The decision of the Appeal Subcommittee will be final.

5.0       EVENTS

 5.1       All individuals and groups who organise events on or off Club premises should notify the Hon General Secretary of the outline details of the event and seek permission to hold it. A record will be kept.

5.2       At events attended by any Club group on or off Club premises, no under aged person should be provided with or allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. If adults are attending and are drinking alcohol, a number of responsible adults appropriate to the size of the event should be nominated to enforce this rule and to abstain from alcohol themselves.


6.1       At the discretion of the Subscription Secretary and two Officers (from: President, Vice President, Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer) any member shall be allowed to pay a reduced subscription.

6.2       The General Committee may terminate the membership of any member whose Annual Subscription remains unpaid on the 1st January of that season.

6.3       Any playing member who has not paid his/her subscriptions by 1st November in that season, may at the discretion of the General Committee, be omitted from further selection in any of the teams representing the club until his/her subscription is paid.


7.1       Neither the Club nor any Officer of the Club thereof shall be liable to any member for any loss of or damage to any property occurring from whatever cause, in or about the Club premises; and a notice to this effect shall be at all times displayed in a prominent position on the Club premises.

These regulations were approved at a Special General Meeting on:

28th April 2022