The following code of conduct has been formulated in partnership with ourselves and the Yorkshire Federation of Referees Society. We expect that at all times clubs and their supporter to uphold the core values of:

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Enjoyment
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship

We ask:

  • All spectators must stay behind the barriers so as not to be in close proximity to the touch lines. This applies to all games no matter what level or on which day they are played.
  • No-one, apart from players and match officials are allowed onto the field of play unless specifically authorised by the referee.
  • Replacements, coaches, medics and water carriers must comply with game regulations as to the areas to which they are restricted during the match, namely either marked technical areas or those areas designated by the Match Official as being technical areas; if there are no areas marked then everyone must stay outside the playing area. In league and cup games, clubs will be expected to provide a 4th official to take responsibility for ensuring everyone stays in the technical areas.
  • Players, coaches, club officials and spectators must support and respect the REFEREE and comply with his or her instructions. Following receipt of a red card the recipient should remove themselves from the playing enclosure and return to the clubhouse without delay.
  • Match Officials should not be approached for discussion immediately following the final whistle, which includes entering their changing room. All sensible post-match conversations should take place in the club house after a reasonable time has elapsed.
  • The club should provide a referee liaison officer, separate from the team coaches, to greet the referee and support him or her if abuse or bad behaviour arises.
    Club officials, players, members and spectators must understand that bad behaviour and abuse at all matches including ‘Age Grade’ can have a serious negative effect on the fortunes of the whole club.
  • Any player or coach shown a red card should return to the clubhouse without delay.
  • Team Managers and Coaches are official representatives of the Club who set a clear example to players and spectators by their own conduct and adherence to this code.