We have a professional grounds team to keep our pitches and buildings in top-flight condition, and they are assisted by another team – The Lockwood Volunteers, led by Dereck Tasker and Tim Nield, our Chairs of Grounds and Property respectively, and ably assisted by our brilliant (so he says!) new President, Billy Thornton.

This team do a superb job of tackling the smaller, and sometimes not so small, jobs that might otherwise be overlooked, forgotten, or might take up too much time for the professional grounds team and could then become expensive big jobs.

The LoVos meet every fortnight for three hours or so in a morning to tackle whatever is needed. From time to time there may be longer tasks, but that’s not often and people help out when they can.

You don’t have to be a skilled professional to join us, although having knowledge of how to handle a paint brush, saw, screwdriver or sweeping brush can come in useful. A willingness to give some of your time is more important.

When we have done there is always time for a cup of tea and a bacon butty!

If you have some time to spare and would like to help to look after YOUR club, just let any of the above know.

Derek Tasker               derecktasker@yahoo.co.uk
Tim Nield                     timnield@hotmail.co.uk
Billy Thornton              billjane@tiscali.co.uk