Astronomy Society

Huddersfield Astronomy Society moved to Lockwood Park at the beginning of 2020 sessions.  It is run by volunteers with an aim to bring together people to share their experience in the hobby.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a veteran astronomer, young or elderly, male or female you will be welcomed by the society.

We hold regular meetings, lectures and we also run an astronomy beginners’ course. Our aim is to cover all aspects of astronomy, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue this fascinating science as far as they can.

The society was formed in 1968 and has been helping people discover the wonders of the universe ever since. The society members cover the entire spectrum of astronomical knowledge and experience: from members with Astrophysics degrees, professional photographers and those who just love to marvel in the grandeur of the cosmos from their backyard.

Our members indulge in visual astronomy and astrophotography. If you need assistance with getting set up or would like to know more about imaging the night sky then get in touch, we’re always happy to help!

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