Whilst England Rugby’s advice to clubs does not prohibit the wearing of the bladed style of boots, here at HRUFC we ask our parents to avoid purchasing this type of boot for players in ‘contact’ variations of the game as they have been reported to cause lacerations when left to become ‘sharp’.

Due to the nature of rugby, boot to body contact is not always avoidable therefore at HRUFC players in ‘contact’ variations of the game will NOT be allowed to take to the field wearing bladed boots.

Coaches and referees will check boots before each match. With bladed style boots should any of the moulded sole be damaged or sharp the boots will be rejected.

With the safety of our young players in mind please make sure your child wears studded boots.

England Rugby policy is that:
a. Studs of players boots must conform to World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12)
b. Moulded rubber multi-studded soles are acceptable provided they have no sharp edges.