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First XV

Fixtures & Results

Date Home / Away Playing Result
10/Aug (7.45pm) Home Stockport - Friendly 26-5 (W)
02/Sep (3pm) Home Hull Ionians 31-39 (L)
09/Sep (3pm) Away Lymm 48-41 (W)
16/Sep (3pm) Home Hull 12-49 (L)
23/Sep (2pm) Away Rotherham 43-15 (L)
30/Sep (3pm) Home Leeds Tykes 10-52 (L)
07/Oct (3pm) Away Tynedale 33-18 (L)
14/Oct (2pm) Home Sheffield Tigers 25-44 (L)
04/Nov (2pm) Away Fylde 19-62 (L)
11/Nov (2pm) Home Preston Grasshoppers 17-41 (L)
18/Nov (2pm) Away Sheffield 19-71 (L)
25/Nov (2pm) Home Billingham P-P
02/Dec (2.15pm) Away Otley P-P
09/Dec (2pm) Home Wharfedale 12-28 (L)
16/Dec (2pm) Home Lymm 24-33 (L)
06/Jan (2pm) Home Billingham (re-arranged) 24-8 (W)
13/Jan (TBC) Away Hull 60-26 (L)
20/Jan (2pm) Home Rotherham P-P
27/Jan (2.30pm) Away Leeds Tykes 17-57 (L)
03/Feb (2.15pm) Away Otley (re-arranged game) 28-48 (L)
10/Feb (2pm) Home Tynedale 19-57(L)
17/Feb (TBC) Away Sheffield Tigers 32-34 (L)
24/Feb (2pm) Home Fylde 32-34 (L)
02/Mar (2pm) Home Rotherham (re-arranged game) 12-37 (L)
09/Mar (TBC) Away Preston Grasshoppers 19-70 (L)
16/Mar (3pm) Home Sheffield 15-36 (L)
23/Mar (2.15pm) Away Billingham 29-53 (L)
06/Apr (3pm) Home Otley 26-26 (D)
13/Apr (2pm) Away Wharfedale 17-40 (L)
27/Apr (3pm) Away Hull Ionians


Fixtures & Results

Date Home / Away Playing Result
01/Sep (7pm) Home Old Brodleians 2 34-12 (W)
09/Sep (TBC) Away Harrogate 2 10-12 (L)
16/Sep (TBC) Away Wetherby 2 C-C
23/Sep (3pm) Home Pontefract 2 24-19 (W)
07/Oct (3pm) Home Selby 2 12-36 (L)
20/Oct (7pm) Home Cleckheaton 2 P-P
28/Oct (2pm) Away Old Rishworthians 2 37-21 (L)
11/Nov (2pm) Home Morley 2 26-34 (L)
25/Nov (TBC) Away Moortown 2 26-35 (L)
09/Dec (2pm) Home Harrogate 2
06/Jan (TBC) Away Pontefract 2 29-7 (W)
20/Jan (TBC) Away Cleckheaton 2 P-P
27/Jan (TBC) Away Old Brodleians 2 C-C
03/Feb (2pm) Home Wetherby 2 27-26 (W)
10/Feb (TBC) Away Selby 2 0-79 (L)
17/Feb (TBC) Home Old Rishworthians 2 32-21 (W)
02/Mar (TBC) Away Morley 2 17-27 (L)
23/Mar (3pm) Home Moortown 2
06/Apr (3pm) Home Old Brodleians 2
13/Apr (TBC) Away Wharfedale 2


Fixtures & Results

Date Home / Away Playing Result
02/Sep (C-C) Home Cleckheaton 3 C-C
16/Sep (3pm) Away Old Crossleyans 2 72-0 (W)
30/Sep (2.30pm) Home Leodensians 2 12-27 (L)
14/Oct (2pm) Home Yarnbury 2 75-25 (W)
21/Oct (3pm) Home Old Crossleyans 2 C-C
04/Nov (TBC) Away Halifax Vandals 2 64-7 (W)
18/Nov (2.15pm) Home Stanley Rodillians 2 31-17 (W)
02/Dec (2pm) Home Keighley 3 P-P
08/Dec (7pm) Away Cleckheaton 3
30/Dec (TBC) Away Huddersfield LH 31-7 (W)
13/Jan (TBC) Away Leodensians 2 43-28 (W)
03/Feb (2pm) Home Halifax Vandals 2 a-a
24/Feb (TBC) Away Keighley 3
09/Mar (TBC) Home Social Rugby Weekend
15/Mar (TBC) Away Halifax 2


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