Welcome to Lockwood Park.

In common with the vast majority of Rugby Clubs up and down the country, the Coronavirus shutdown has created a very difficult financial situation here at HRUFC.  I would like to personally say thank you to our fantastic members who raised over £25,000 in just a few short weeks in the spring to help us through, and to the volunteer members of the Management Committee who have had to make some very difficult decisions during this time, including the decision to ask the senior squad players to forego any payments for this season.  My thanks go to the players for accepting this and for their loyalty in staying with us just for the “Craic”.

None of us know at the moment, when we may be able to play Rugby again, but we must all keep preparing and hoping that it will be possible to lift the restrictions and get back to what we are here for, playing Rugby at all age grades from the mini section starting at U6, up to the A team, the Falcons and the First XV.

Of course, we also have associated clubs here at Lockwood Park, and this year we are able to add the Huddersfield Astronomical Society to the existing, Squash, Running, Hockey and Bowling clubs and the Snooker of the Borough Club.

I look forward to seeing you all back in our club as soon as we are allowed.


Billy Thornton

HRUFC President